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Other Wedding Resources Links

Ethnic Wedding Information


Traditional Scottish Weddings - This is a great site if you are into kilts, bagpipes, and anything traditionally Scottish. The author of the page, Craig Cockburn, is an active participant in the Alt.Wedding and Soc.Couples.Wedding newsgroups, and is well versed in the elements of a traditional Scottish wedding.


Bagpiper.com - If you're considering incorporating bagpipes into your ceremony and/or reception, this is the ultimate of the bagpipe web sites.  There are suggestions as to when to have the piper play, what songs to have played, etc.  The link here is directly to the page about weddings, but click HOME once there and you can take full advantage of all the information on the site.



Totally Jewish - This site has a mixed bag of information relating to Jewish weddings, including an excellent Glossary of terms so lay people can understand what's going on.


Wedding Ceremony Music

Wedding Music With Trumpet - This site features a number of .wav samples as well as Real Audio files of many pieces popular for processionals and recessionals.  While we have not actually heard this particular player perform live, the samples on the site are quite good, and the site says that he was the performer on all of them.  The performer, Charlie Peterson, is located in Springfield, Va.


Dancing at your reception

Jeff Allen�s Quickstart Dance Page - This is an excellent resource if you�re looking for information on what kind of dance (Foxtrot, Rhumba, etc) you do to a particular song. The site has extensive lists of suggested songs for first dance, parent dances, and others. The site promotes several books and videos about these dances. I don�t know how good they are, (I've got two left feet...it's why I'm in the band and not a dancer), but they would certainly be cheaper than going to Arthur Murray!!!


Dresses, Makeup, & Fashion

...And the bride wore... - This is a humorous site that fashion conscious brides will get a good laugh at. It's not really a serious site per se, but hey, planning a wedding can be pretty stressful, so this is a great way to introduce some levity into the process.


The ModelBride Boutiques - An excellent on-line resource for beauty related items as well as accessories and shoes.  With two shops in the New York / New Jersey area, makeup specialist, hairstylist & model Lori Dunn has an excellent site useful even if you're NOT in the area.


Toasts and Speeches

Love and Marriage - Quotes for Toasts - This is a great site if you are looking for that perfect phrase for a toast. It is the perfect place to refer your best man who is searching for material, and mom and dad may want to visit the site as well.


Specialty Sites

Wedding Crafts - Dedicated to wedding related crafts for the do-it-yourselfer.  Centerpieces, accessories, flower crafts, and one of the most popular, wedding favors for the guests.  The site provides links to these and other wedding related craft type projects.  Some of the links die fairly quickly, but the site's owner keeps the material fresh and is constantly adding new links.  This is a must site for those that want to cut a few dollars by doing some things themselves.


Wedding Humor

Wedding Humor - A collection of wedding related jokes, some toasts, and other miscellaneous tidbits. This is actually on a DJs web page in Iowa.  Back in the days when Usenet was more popular than it is today Al was a leading proponent of ethical behavior for wedding related vendors on the net, and his site reflects this commitment to vendor responsibility and straight talk. 



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