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Presented here are some of our favorite sites related to music.  We'll be adding sites as they come along.  If you have a suggestion, drop us an  and we'll check it out for possible inclusion. 
Looking for a place to go hear live music in Maryland?  Looking for a band that you haven't heard from in years, and want to see if they're still around? Well this is the place to go.  With over a hundred local Maryland bands, and just as many local nightspot listings, this site is THE place to find great live music. Of course Oracle's schedule is always posted here.
Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame 
This is an extensive site with lots of information about the greatest bands and musicians in rock history.  The site has free screensaver downloads, virtual tours of the museum, and much more.  Check out the merchandise pages for some really cool stuff.
If you're looking for music from Maryland to Delaware to New Jersey, here's a cool site for you.  Lots of bands (including Oracle of course), for all possible occasions.  You can also visit this site to vote for your favorite band (ahem...cough cough), which is kind of fun.
If you're looking for info on an artist in the spotlight today this huge site is the place to go.  You can also check out the show schedules to find your favorite shows and when they'll be on.  Best of all are the lists of "The Greatest" shows...for example, the 100 greatest love songs.  See if your favorites made the list.  They also have message boards where you can discuss your favorite (or not so favorite artists) with others.
Billboard Magazine 
Here's where you'll find all the latest stuff about your favorite current songs and artists.  Current chart information is posted for most of the charts, (a subscription gets you even more information and the full charts...the ones for free are typically half the chart).

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